Conference Day Two

8:00 am Morning Coffee

8:40 am Opening Remarks

  • Steven Driver Principal Engineer and Energy Program Mananger, Sanofi

Sustainability in Lab Operations

8:50 am What is a Green Lab & Pfizer’s Journey to Become Green Lab Certified?

9:10 am Strategic Strategies for Laboratory Energy & Carbon Reduction

  • Steven Driver Principal Engineer and Energy Program Mananger, Sanofi

9:30 am Advancing Lab Operations Through Sustainable Use of Scientific Assets

  • David Heiger Associate Vice President - Marketing, Agilent Technologies

10:00 am Sustainability in Lab Ops Q&A hosted by My Green Lab

10:15 am Speed Networking & Morning Coffee Break

Discover the data driven, futuristic answers to next generation, highly scalable, asset management across the full asset lifecycle

Ensuring Equipment Continuity

11:15 am Discover: Global Standardization of Asset Management and Reliability Maintenance Programs

  • John Yi Senior Reliability Engineer, Seagen
  • Ted Schilling Global Director of Engineering Services, Seagen

11:45 am Lab Operations Data Nirvana

  • Javier Morell Global Managing Director, Integrated Lab Solutions, CBRE

12:15 pm Apply: Building an Asset Reliability Program from the Ground Up

  • JD Fier Head of MA Bio Ops Reliability Engineering, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

1:00 pm Discover: Advancing Asset Lifecycle Management Programs in Large Pharma
Session Reserved for Perkin Elmer

This track will highlight the latest innovative facility designs, space planning answers and facility management solutions for an optimally efficient lab

IT in Innovative Digital Facilities

11:15 am Discover: Solving Facility & Operations Pain Points through Innovative IT Projects

11:45 am Apply: The Importance of Integrating Your EMS Into Your Facility Design

12:15 pm Discover: How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Services & Providers

  • Erika Whyte Senior Director, Operations, Totus Medicines

12:45 pm Discuss: Which Digital Tools Bring the Most Return on Investment in Facility Management?

Small but mighty – this track will explore the high impact, immediately implementable solutions to step up your LAFM practices in small – medium sized organizations

Creative Budget Optimization

11:15 am Discover: Building Out a Budget-Friendly & Custom Asset Management System in House

11:45 am Session Reserved for Explora Biolabs, a Charles River Company

12:00 pm Discover: Standardization of Assets to Mitigate Hidden Costs

  • Kim Dougherty Director, Laboratory Operations, Atalanta Therapeutics

12:30 pm Apply: Overcoming Challenges with Rising Service & Maintenance Costs

  • Daniel Michaels Senior Manager, Facilities and Laboratory Operations, Inozyme Pharma

1:15 pm Networking Lunch Break

Ensuring Business Continuity, Health & Safety

2:15 pm Discuss: EH&S integration in Facility Design

Carving a Career in Lab Operations

3:00 pm Discover: From Pipettes to People: My Journey to Leadership in Operations

3:15 pm Discover: Careers Case Study: Path to Operations Leadership

3:30 pm Discover: Mentorship & Development in Lab Operations

3:45 pm Discuss: Ensuring Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Lab Operations & Research Environments Though Best Hiring Practices & Culture

4:15 pm Careers Q&A

4:30 pm Apply: How to Find, Hire and Retain Top Talent

4:30 pm Apply: How to Optimize your CV & LinkedIn for Application Success

5:00 pm Closing Remarks & Close of LAFM 2022

  • Steven Driver Principal Engineer and Energy Program Mananger, Sanofi