8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Jake Haworth Associate Director Operations, Alloy Therapeutics

Ensuring a Continuous Lab Operations in Pandemic Response

9:00 am Navigating the Global Pandemic: From Initial Response to the New Normalized Workplace

  • Stephen Katz Director of Facilities & Lab Operations, Jounce Therapeutics


• Business continuity and initial response to COVID-19
• Stabilizing operations as the pandemic continued through 2020
• Re-entry of the workforce and returning to a new normal in 2021

9:30 am A New Solution for End-to-End Asset Management


• Adapting software deployment for inventory and asset life’s tracking for 2021 challenges
• Servicing your asset and surplus equipment from OEMs and suppliers
• Monetization before it’s too late

10:00 am Case Study: Design Planning & Lab Expansion During COVID-19

  • Hal Schneider Director, Assay Development, R&D Lab Manager, Foundation Medicine Inc


• Overview of Foundation Medicine – what we do and our current
geographical footprint
• Building out a new lab across the country during COVID-19 with additional
acquired lab – how did we execute this?
• Detailed design and planning to ensure a smooth project execution and avoid delays
• Lessons learned and key takeaways

10:30am | Structured Networking

11:00am | Morning Refreshment Break

Asset Management Track

Optimizing Asset Lifecycle Management

11:30 am Creating a Scalable & Sustainable Asset Management Program

  • Kim Dougherty Director, Laboratory Operations, Atalanta Therapeutics


  • Contrasting what gold-standard asset management means to large pharma vs small biotech
  • Setting up a plan for care. What tier of equipment is worth preventative maintenance investment? How to prioritize equipment for maintenance and building a schedule from the ground up
  • Creating a scalable structure to support company growth, including process for inventory tracking and asset tagging

12:00 pm A Little Too Quiet – The Value of Implementing a Digital Asset Management Strategy


  • For a busy lab, the clicks, hums, and whirling of instruments is constant
  • These audio clues indicates a lab where the utilization of instruments is high
  • What if the clicks, hums and whirling are missing from the lab?
  • How can this anecdotal information be used to make capital planning or maintenance decisions?

12:30 pm Maximizing Asset Performance To Free up Capital to Reinvest in Drug Development


  • What is the return on investment from ensuring asset peak performance?
  • Implementation of a Lifecycle Asset Management (LCAM) to provide a structured framework for maintenance and end of life
  • Driving efficient and effective ways of working by integration of processes, systems and resources, and roll out of these new way of working across the business
  • Optimizing the cost, risk and performance of assets over their lifecycle

Facility Management Track

Flexible Facility Design

11:30 am Making the Move – Key Considerations in Relocation


  • Scheduling movers on site – developing a solid plan
  • Managing cold storage when moving to ensure critical temperatures are maintained
  • Prepare for a smooth equipment integration by ensuring appropriate electrical output/other outputs are in place/ where to find information on electrical output requirement

12:00 pm Lab Build-Outs with Sub-Leasing in Mind

  • Amanda Allen Senior Director of Operations, Scorpion Therapeutics


  • Why sub-lease?
  • Space design considerations
  • Providing services/ being a landlord

12:30 pm Formulating a Flexible Facility Design & Plan for Growing Biotechs

  • Erika Whyte Director of Facilities & Lab Operations, Kymera Therapeutics


  • Core facility design considerations for a balance between lab space, office space and storage space
  • Case study of facility build out – challenges and learnings
  • Making a floorplan as flexible as possible to allow for expansion in a growing company and changing workforce needs
  • Looking into the future – How to know when you’ll outgrow your current space and when to start planning the next expansion or relocation

13:00 | Networking Lunch

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Surplus Asset Management in Pharma


Session Reserved by ALT

3:00 pm Examining the Big Picture of Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Kerri Anderson Manager, Laboratory Operations, Zentalis Pharmaceutical


  • Implementing a lifecycle management plan for better visibility over asset health and longevity
  • Identify cost avoidance and cost effectiveness strategies
  • Understanding total cost of ownership – from request to disposal
  • Optimizing equipment usage – data driven solutions for unused equipment

3:30 pm A New Vision of the Future of Laboratory Workplace Experience


During this session, CBRE iLS experts Javier Morell and
Katie Winter will lead a dynamic discussion covering:
• A recent case study showcasing a new, integrated and
simplified workplace experience for the science teams
• An industry first example of delivering all services
through a single process and technology
• Key benefits including transparency, simplicity and relationship
management under a single strategic partnership

EHS in Facility Management

2:30 pm Key considerations in Lab Design; Integrating EHS, Inventory & Waste Management

  • Eri McMullen Site Operations Manager, Exosome Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne brand


What health and safety features are essential to factor in during lab design and facility build, to ease day to day EHS management?

  • Space planning for specific lab needs such as vivariums, cell culture rooms, including gowning stations, air quality and other key considerations
  • Planning for safe transportation, collection, and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Planning for shipping and receiving, cold storage logistics

3:00 pm Building Redundancy Into Your Monitoring System


  • Backing up your backups – adding layers of redundancy to your system architecture
  • Key areas to evaluate when selecting a monitoring platform
  • Case studies – expecting the unexpected

3:15 pm EHS Compliance is of Equal Importance in Small Start-Ups as Large Organizations


  • The evolving role of lab operations in ensuring EHS best practice is followed in the lab; what is the cost of poor EHS practices?
  • Working with external safety partners and end users to build a high-uptake health and safety program
  • Biosafety, chemical hygiene and emergency evacuation plans – how can you start planning from initial facility design phase
  • Policies on inspection and ensuring proper permits – how to ensure you are compliant within your local area?

3:45 pm Strategies for Facilities Managers in Promoting Asset Management Programs to Scientists

  • Rick Carberry Director of Marketing and Business Development, Zef Scientific, Inc.


  • Assessment of trends in asset management for pharma/ biopharma companies
  • Perspective from the lab: Cost reduction vs. competencies
  • Planning service providers and weighing OEM vs. 3rd party solutions
  • Mitigating risks for the lab staff

16:00 | Afternoon Networking Tea

Operational & Compliance Excellence in LAFM

4:45 pm Case Study & Fireside Chat on Asset Utilization and Condition Monitoring Metrics for a Sustainable Lab

5:30 pm Panel Discussion: What Does Compliance Mean in R&D Ops & Defining Operational Excellence

  • Eddie Z Luchs Facilities Director, Omniome, Inc
  • Eri McMullen Site Operations Manager, Exosome Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne brand
  • Kevin Dushney Vice President, Information Technology , Kymera Therapeutics
  • Adam Dropkin Senior Manager, Operations, Fulcrum Therapeutics
  • Luis Rodriguez Vice President Sales & Marketing, Renovo Solutions


• Outside of manufacturing environment, was does compliance encompass in LAFM for local, regional and
government regulations?
• ISO 55000/1/2 – what best practice in first class asset & facility management
• Special consideration such as when managing Vivarium’s for animal studies.
• Ensuring equipment is calibrated and compliant with qualification documentation to ease periodical reviews
• Gold standard for lab cleanliness and meeting sustainability criteria

6:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Jake Haworth Associate Director Operations, Alloy Therapeutics

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