Maximize Your Asset Value, Optimize Your Facility and Enhance Capital Efficiency through Digitalization

The 3rd Lab Asset & Facility Management in Pharma will return to Boston this Winter as your ONLY industry led meeting focusing on R&D asset and FM, enabling you to regain control of your assets, optimize your space and benchmark best practices to stay ahead of the curve.

Through strategic planning and rolling out digital tracking, Lab Asset, Operations and FM Directors are beginning to regain control of their inventory, asset value and optimize facility footprint to:

Reduce unnecessary downtime and ensure reliable business operations
Strengthen relationships and drive innovative partnership models with OEMs
Maximize asset lifecycle and value – and make informed financial decisions during purchasing, renewing, reselling and auctioning
Optimize lab and working space. Implementing the ethos of shared economy within the R&D scientific community
Enhance capital efficiency to re-invest in drug development programs
Anticipate expansion from a lab and equipment perspective


'We really enjoyed the event and that the subject has huge potential as pressures continue to drive different ways of managing lab assets and environments.'

- iLS Group Director


'I found the conference to be very informative with nice takeaways.'

- Lab Services Supervisor AstraZeneca

'It was a very interesting 2 days with some great insights from biotech and pharma.'

- Associate Director, Facilities & Lab Operations,

Jounce Therapeutics