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  • Career Storytelling - Explore Eli Lilly’s Cambridge COOs Journey to the top: successes, lessons learnt, dos and don’ts to inspire your path ahead and broaden your development horizons
  • Skill Set Training Day – Short courses dedicated to those who take it upon themselves to be the “jack of all trades” to adopt one learning from each angle of operations
  • Vice President-Led Workshops – Intimate, classroom-style discussions to share, challenge, and collaborate
  • Pharma-Led Case-Studies – Don’t just wonder what your peers are doing with their asset, facilities, procurement and IT management … feed your curiosity and find out!
  • 50+ Industry & Academic Speakers – Explore who will be attending the most comprehensive meeting tailored to all operational fire-fighters!
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Companies on the Program:

48297 - companies attending

“The people who came stood out, having lab managers and operations roll getting together was unique. I enjoyed this perspective.”
Associate Director - Environmental, Health, Safety, & Sustainability

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