8:30 am Welcome Coffee & Registration

What Do You Own?

9:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:40 am Opening Keynote: Regeneron’s Journey in #Tagging


  • The trigger point: tagging all your key lab assets to give you a holistic view of inventory
  • Implementation so far and lessons learned
  • From being passive to proactive: what opportunities will a digitalized system offer to asset owners and how will it improve asset management programs?

10:10 am Genentech & Roche’s Initiative in Lab Asset Management

  • Catherine Wilson Associate Director, Research & Lab Procurement Business Partner, Genentech
  • Vianey Swann Sr. Global Category Leader, Research & Laboratory, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.


  • How did the transformation begin?
  • What do you own? Inventory management and surplus assets
  • The collaboration between lab procurement and research operations
  • Optimizing spends and defining future strategy to equipment purchase

10:45 am Speed Networking

11:15 am Morning Refreshments & Networking Break

The Buzz Words – IoT & Digitalization

11:45 am Implementing a Standardized Asset Management Program – The Bio-Rad Laboratories Journey


  • Bio-Rad’s current state of play: decentralized business units, 120+ global sites with varied technologies and different requirements – and multiple languages!
  • What are we trying to achieve? Why should we have clearly defined asset management programs?
  • Opportunities to harmonize requirements – a risk-based approach
  • Standardized model for other business processes and programs
  • The plan forward: global maintenance program managers, CMMS standardization and performance measurement

12:15 pm Panel Discussion: Why Do You Need a Surplus Strategy?


What’s your surplus strategy? How you dispose of your lab equipment matters and it all starts with your surplus strategy. In this interactive session, our expert panelists will:

  • Discuss when is the right time to dispose of an asset
  • Evaluate disposition options and the benefits of each
  • Explore the tenets of a surplus strategy

You will also have the opportunity to fire your own burning questions to our panel.

1:00 pm Networking Lunch

2:00 pm Innovation: The Connected Future of Lab Asset Management


  • Who are we? Ibis Networks overview
  • Why do you need connected lab solutions?
  • Where to start? Planning an IoT-based asset management program
  • A trailblazer case study

2:15 pm Merck’s Journey in Implementing a LAFM to Drive Capital Efficiency

  • James Mauro Director – Global Lab Asset Management Program, Merck
  • Steve Tushup Director, Lab Operations, SSF MRL Site Operations Lead, Merck


  • How did it start and how did it go?
  • Challenges with global sites operations

2:45 pm Understanding Lab Assets & Their Market Value

  • Nick Dove Executive Vice President, Heritage Global Partners, Inc.


  • Accounting value vs. real world value
  • Best practices for end of life assets
  • Maximizing your asset recovery
  • Disposition methods: pros vs. cons

3:15 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Shared Economy in Pharma R&D

3:45 pm Lessons Learned in a Decade Long Search for R&D Speed, Efficiency & Flexibility at BMS

  • William Bullock Group Director – Research Business Strategy & Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb


  • Insights start from finding the right data at the right time
  • Realization of process efficiencies that optimize capital equipment and human resource productivity
  • Transforming lab planning and design to create collaborative, flexible and capital efficient spaces
  • Developing an inclusive and scalable approach to strategic capital equipment category management
  • Addressing resistance with an adaptive change management approach

4:15 pm Optimizing the Laboratory Workplace for Greater Scientific Productivity

  • Paul Watts Group Operations Director, iLS EMEA, CBRE


  • Driving value through optimized lab support models
  • Analyzing space and asset utilization to drive efficiencies
  • Leveraging emerging technologies for enhanced outcomes
  • Delivering whole lifecycle solutions for scientific occupiers

4:45 pm How to Accomplish Lab Asset Management When You’re a Start-Up? A Real Life Story

  • Frederick Denning Associate Director, Facilities Site Services & Engineering, Genopis, Inc.


  • From Vical to Genopis – asset retiring and reconstitution programs
  • A 10 month spring clean: from IP to software to master file to ensure FDA compliance
  • The turnaround – equipment calibration and maintenance scheduling

5:15 pm Speed Learning Roundtable:


Following Day 1’s talks and discussions, the audience will split into groups – each selecting one of the topics below for an open knowledge exchange session. Each group will be given 30 minutes to share what they have learned and discuss how they can apply it upon their return to the office on October 25.

  • Topic 1: Lab space design and optimization
  • Topic 2: Lab relocation and scale-up
  • Topic 3: Lab inventory tracking – where to start and how to deal with asset program after M&A?

We will then re-group for feedback sharing session at the end of this interactive discussion.

6:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day 1 Linwood

6:30 pm Networking Dinner hosted by American Lab Trading, Inc. – by invitation only