Optimization Workshops

Tuesday, November 1, 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Facility Optimization for Core Facilities, Smart Spaces & Sustainable Laboratories

A record 31 million SF of life-science space was under development during the fourth quarter of 2021, leaving space as the
new hottest commodity in the world of pharma & biotech. Discover how to optimize the space you have, and plans for
future builds, through the implementation of core facilities. Secondly, with ambitious sustainability goals being rolled out
across the pharmaceutical industry, discover how lab operations, asset mangers and facility managers can partner with EHS
to create a sustainable and energy efficient lab of the future
• Integrating workplace strategy in lab design for a productive environment which aligns with sustainability goals
• Giving PIs ability to customise space to their lab’s needs without compromising on flexibility of the space and equipment
• Achieving scientist buy into core facilities and equipment sharing

Workshop Leaders:

Partha Krishnan Sanofi

Partha Krishnan
Deputy Director, Health, Safety &
Environment (HSE)

Charlie Bruseo BMS

Charles Bruseo
Director – Research Strategy &
Bristol Myers Squibb

Liz Kentish Kentish and co

Liz Kentish
Managing Director
Kentish and Co Ltd

CAL_profile photo

Christine Lavery
Head, Scientific Services Worldwide Real Estate and Facilities (WREF)

Tuesday, November 1, 3.30pm - 5.30pm

CapEx & Process Optimization for Operational Excellence

Return on investment in R&D activities is the highest it’s been in years, which is putting more pressure on operations to
keep to a tight CapEx budget and reinvest capital in further research. Rapid company growth is also highlighting the need to create scalable processes for operational excellence.

This session will approach a holistic solution to CapEx planning, budgeting, prioritization and when extensions are needed. With booming biotech and volatile job markets, forecasting spend can be a challenge with constantly evolving headcounts to cater for, we will explore how to find the balance between structure and flexibility in budgeting & process design in large pharma vs small biotech. Finally, with an increasingly global network, how do you maintain visibility over multiple sites, in multiple geographies, to ensure a smooth running and to
budget, operation?

Workshop Leaders:

Sumita Roy Sotio

Sumita Roy
Director, Internal Operations
SOTIO Biotech


Gavin Finn Kaon

Gavin Finn
President & CEO
Kaon Interactive



Niv Paterson
Operations Lead, North America R&D Operations