8:00 am Registration & Welcome Coffee

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:45 am Panel Discussion on Overcoming Barriers in the Implementation of LAFM Programs in Pharma and Biotech

  • James Mauro Director – Global Lab Asset Management Program, Merck
  • Linwood Bryant Senior Manager, Asset Management, Regeneron
  • Kelly Edge Krupa Lab Asset Service Manager, Integrated Laboratory Strategy & Operations , Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Jessie Dow Lab Operations Lead, Pfizer


  • Implementing a LAFM program; what are the biggest barriers – infrastructure, cost, or mindset change?
  • Building a business case that appeals to stakeholders, what are they looking for?
  • Getting end users’ buy in: how to make it easy for scientists to help not hinder your LAFM plans?

9:15 am Successful Change Management Through Transparency


• Understanding your audience and aligning with department values
• Involvement of ‘customers’ and clear communication
• Implementation of new strategic initiatives takes time and may require reinforcement

10:00 am A New Solution for End-to-End Asset Management


  • Software deployment for inventory and asset life’s tracking
  • Servicing your asset and surplus equipment from OEMs and suppliers
  • Monetization before it’s too late

10:30 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments


Advancing Asset Management


Progressing Facility Management

11:15 am Asset Utilization Beyond Surplus Equipment Identification

Copy of LEAP HR Oil & Gas Workshop Widgets
  • Initial savings of asset utilization from removal of surplus equipment
  • Looking beyond removal of surplus equipment, how to continue gaining ROI
  • Using tracking of previous users, solvents, and processes to pinpoint reasons for equipment failures
  • Redefining equipment best practices to reduce maintenance requirements and lean on peer-to-peer training


Linwood Bryant, Senior Manager, Asset Management, Regeneron


11:45 am Panel Discussion: Surplus Asset Management and
Disposition in Pharma


Nick Dove, President, Heritage Global Partners
Steven Planchon, Asset Lifecycle Manager, Pfizer
Senior Representative,Genentech


Biotech Solutions in Asset

12:15 pm Inventory Management: How Good Data is the Basis of Any Successful Program

  • Ensuring your database is kept up to date
  • How many resources/time to allocate building and maintaining master data?
  • Cost detriment from “moved” equipment and working with end-users to maintain a current inventory


Gregg York, Facilities Operations, Translate Bio


12:45 pm Tracking Your Assets

Diana Hage,
CEO, RFID Global


11:15 am Integrated Facility Management Hybrid Model

LAFM Widgets
  • Retaining internal staff whilst onboarding IFM expertise
  • What services to outsource and what works internally, contract management, staffscheduling etc.
  • Case study one benefits brought to the business and TCO of this approach


Jedd Skibo, Director Global Category Procurement, Charles River Labs

Facility Management and Design in

11:45 am Don’t Go in Blind When Selecting New Lab Space; Key Design Considerations to Ease Installation Bottle Necks

  • Importance of having a clear design, size and capacity in mind prior to site selection
  • Planning for company growth in a sustainable fashion when selecting space
  • Finding the right vendors to work with when looking for real estate
  • When is best to rent or build from shell for your company


Annie Kang, Associate Director of Research Operations, Cue BioPharma

12:15 pm Making The First Move; From Incubator to Your Own Lab

  • Prioritising task to get up and running an soon as possible, minimizing company downtime
  • Sourcing vendors for the first time in the move out of rented space
  • Optimizing your new space, removing surplus equipment and planning maintenance


Kevin Walsh, Senior Lab Manager, Guardian Therapeutics

12:45 pm Session Reserved for PHC Corporation

1:00 pm Networking Lunch

2:00 pm How Tracking Solutions Can be Adapted for Small-Medium Biotech & in Times of Pandemic

  • Ensuring your tracking system is scalable to allow for company growth
  • How small biotech’s tracking needs differ from large pharma
  • Translating our tracking solutions into a covid-19 response


Demet Aybar, Associate Director of Lab Operations, Scholar Rock


2:30 pm Session Reserved for Avantor


2:45 pm Round Table Discussion: Buying and Selling

  1. Surplus Strategies: Best approaches to sell externally
  2. Redeployment: Tuning your end of life strategy to maximize internal use
  3. When to buy new, second hand and when to lease; which equipment types of best suited for which?

2:00 pm Lab Planning from an EHS perspective

  • Where to place PPE stations to minimize cross contamination and ensure easy workflow
  • Planning for safe transportation and collection of Biohazardous and Chemical waste
  • Design considerations in installing safety showers and other in-lab EHS equipment


Nicole Visaggio, Specialist, Laboratory Operations, BlueRock Therapeutics

2:30 am Discover multiple perspectives on the key issues: Join a roundtable discussion that has been specifically designed to enable you to leave with insights that you can immediately implement into your own facility management processes

  1. What are the main pitfalls in facility design you have encountered
  2. What approaches do you use to allocate lab space
  3. How do you protect intellectual property when renting space Following discussions in the open roundtable format, the table leaders will form a panel to feed back to the entire audience on the key topics that were discussed in the session.

3:15 pm Afternoon Networking Tea

3:50 pm What are Integrated Lab Solutions?

Ensuring Compliance in Quality Controlled Labs

4:20 pm Equipment Periodic Review: A Business Case Applied in a QC Lab

  • Adolfo Scherch Utilities and Technical Services Coordinator, Novartis


  • Improve performance of site equipment periodic review
  • Seek opportunities to reduce costs and comply with quality policies
  • Spread and level the workload for qualification activities
  • Use CMMS to control periodic review activities

4:50 pm Harnessing the Power of Asset Utilization Data


  • Scaling asset utilization monitoring to non-PC devices
  • Lessons learned
  • Same data, multiple insights (utilization, health, energy management)
  • Customer case study (presented by customer)

5:20 pm GxP Equipment Validation


  • Ensuring compliance for diagnostics and clinical labs
  • Verify the confidence, integrity and traceability of data which are generated
  • Establishing documented evidence that provides a high degree of assurance that a specific process will consistently produce a product that meets predetermined specifications and quality

5:50 pm Closing Remarks

6:00 pm Drinks Reception