Uniting Procurement & Operations for CapEx Success

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Amanda Allen Senior Director of Operations, Scorpion Therapeutics

8:45 am Business Continuity Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic: Procurement, People & Asset Management

  • Nathalie Bitar Associate Director of East Coast Lab Operations, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical


• Procurement – Tackling the consumable shortages crisis
• Personnel – Ensuring smooth operations and research continues with limited
onsite personnel
• Equipment – reliability and management

9:15 am Next-Level Calibration in the Cloud


Join experts from Nuvolo to hear
• The evolution of calibration processes
• How to address traditional calibration challenges
• The benefits of cloud-based calibration management

9:45 am Panel Discussion: Satisfying Stakeholders & Scientists – Bridging the Gap Between Lab Ops & Procurement

  • Paul Lee Director, R&D Operations, Portfolio Enablement, Eli Lilly & Company
  • David Garza Director Global Procurement, Eli Lilly & Company
  • Hasmik Mkrtchyan Business Process Manager, Global Quality Lab Operations, Catalent
  • Nathalie Bitar Associate Director of East Coast Lab Operations, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
  • David Karakas Director Procurement & Sourcing, Bluebird Bio


• Balancing end-user requirements with impact on capital expenditure
• Promoting a culture of sharing economy in core labs and open labs to minimize facility footprint
• Overcoming consumables & PPE shortages – How was this managed between departments & how relationships with vendors were managed during this time

10:30 am Advancing Lab Operations Through Effective Use of Scientific Assets

  • David Heiger Associate VP Marketing, Agilent CrossLab Group


• Practical instrument monitoring for asset performance management
• Analytics for fleet and service right-sizing
• Identifying and removing workflow bottlenecks
• Optimizing CapEx and OpEx

11:00 | Structured Networking

11:30 | Morning Refreshments

Asset Management Track

Driving Forward Digitalization Through Lab Informatics

12:00 pm Innovation in Informatics – Investment & Continuous Improvement

  • Hasmik Mkrtchyan Business Process Manager, Global Quality Lab Operations, Catalent


  • Experiences in implementing and advancing LIMS, ELN/LES, and other digital solutions
  • Getting the justification to invest in digital transformation and when to expect a realistic return on investment
  • Common challenges in interfacing with existing assets, systems, or processes and how to mitigate
  • Change management and ensuring a strong foundation are in place before the programs for a smooth transition

12:30 pm Unifying Sites, Systems & Processes to Decrease Risk & Increase Efficiencies

  • Cindy Novak Senior Manager, Lab Computing Systems, BMS


  • Treating Software and IT as OpEx not CapEx to keep one step ahead of digital innovation.
  • Software periodic monitoring
  • IT as a strategic business partner that enables a scalable infrastructure and sets a standard across sites and business functions

1:00 pm Good Data at the Foundations of Any Efficient Lab

  • Kevin Dushney Vice President, Information Technology , Kymera Therapeutics


  • Streamlining Asset Data Collection and Integrating Asset Data Collection with IT infrastructure
  • Adapting IT infrastructure to support data storage of new technologies
  • Planning for company growth with a scalable IT infrastructure

Facility Management Track

Sustainable Facilities Management

12:00 pm The Renewable Future of Energy Management

  • Stuart Flannery Associate Director, Global Category Procurement, Charles River Lab


  • What factors influence a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ decision for renewable energy
  • Importance of engaging senior stakeholders – how to build a business case for sustainability
  • Challenges and key considerations when evaluating renewable energy
  • Plans to expand the project both geographically and to other EHS initiatives

12:30 pm Lab of the Future – As Built Versus As Planned

  • Kevin Keras Managed Services Portfolio Leader, PerkinElmer


  • Migration from asset management to lab efficiency
  • End to end workflow solutions wrapped in technology
  • Fit for purpose solutions to accelerate science

12:45 pm The E in EH&S: Strategies for Environmental Sustainability in the Lab

  • Tucker Lynn Manager, Laboratory Operations, Roivant Sciences


  • Defining the scope of the sustainability initiative for your organization
  • Actionable steps, small and large
  • Communication and compliance for sustainable goals

1:15 pm Biomarin’s Journey in Energy Efficiency

  • Jose Azurdia Assistant Director, Global Facilities & Services, Biomarin Pharmaceutical


  • Drivers and objectives of the energy efficiency program at Biomarin
  • Enhancing lab building efficiency and achieve cost saving to re-invest
  • Stakeholder management and working with your customers

1:30pm | Networking Lunch

2:30 pm Round Table Discussions


Round table discussions are an opportunity to share your views and experiences on the topics below, as well as learning
from the expertise of your peers and our experienced moderators, in order to gain new perspectives and insights.

Project Management in Lab Operations

  • Paul Lee Director, R&D Operations, Portfolio Enablement, Eli Lilly & Company


  • From Planning an Office Relocation to Implementing a New ELN system, what are the first steps in any successful project?
  • Recurrent challenges in implementing new systems or processes in pharma and biotech
  • Communication and change management. How to ensure stakeholders and end users are brought into your plan and make it a success?

Onboarding New Operations & Facility Management Team Members

  • Kerri Anderson Manager, Laboratory Operations, Zentalis Pharmaceutical


Facility Management Team Members

  • Do you generally recruit internally or externally?
  • How do you plan training to equip new team members with the many skills required in lab operations
  • How has the pandemic affected people management and onboarding procedures

Outsourcing Services & Solutions in LAFM

  • Jedd Skibo Director, Global Category Procurement, Charles River Lab


  • There are many options available for outsourcing lab asset & facilities management – but which add value, and how easily can these integrate with existing systems and processes?
  • How IFM can contribute to CapEx & OpEx savings, whilst retaining in-house expertise

Change Management for Organizational Impact

3:15 pm Change in Lab & Facilities Management: Scaling Processes and Leveraging Technology as Business Needs Evolve


• Whether you are designing a new facility or implementing a new asset
management program, communication is the key for success
• The three pillars for excellence in project execution
• Leveraging tools and technologies to manage operations in a dynamic environment
• Metrics, data, and system integration
• Change is the constant: Lessons learned from new facility relocations, moves and lab design

3:45 pm Customer Relations in Lab Operations

  • Andres Moreno Senior Manager Lab Operations, Simcere Innovation


• How can experience in OEM/IFM companies translate into in-house
lab operations
• Comparing and contrasting the OEM/IFM provider – drug company and lab
operations – scientist end user relationship
• Treating your scientists as customers to drive forward lab efficiency
• What is needed for a successful partnership between solution provider, lab
operations and scientists to accelerate science

4:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Amanda Allen Senior Director of Operations, Scorpion Therapeutics

4:30pm | End of LAFM 2021