8:30 am Registration & Welcome Coffee

Sustainability & IT Intergration

9:15 am Opening Remarks Day 2

9:30 am IT Integration in Asset & Facility Management


  • Lifecycle software management to get a clearer view of total equipment cost
  • Key software considerations when buying equipment both new and second hand
  • Asset tracking to minimize IT security risk and more

9:50 am Advancing Lab Operations Through Effective Use of Scientific Assets


  • Practical instrument monitoring for asset performance management
  • Analytics for fleet and service right-sizing
  • Identifying and removing workflow bottlenecks
  • Optimizing CapEx & OpEx

10:20 am Live Q&A

10:40 am Virtual Networking

11:00 am Morning Refreshments

Asset Management: Innovation in Pharma vs Academia

Facility Optimization in Open Concept

11:30 am Preventing the “P Word”: Tools and Process for Managing Pipette Inventories

  • Going paperless with 21 CFRPart11 compliant documentation
  • Building sustainable maintenance workflows
  • Reducing turnaround while maintaining quality
  • Software and staffing solutions to outsource your program


Kent Koeman, Director of Sales and Marketing, TTE Laboratories/Pipettes.com


11:45 pm A Focused Vision for an Asset Management Program

  • Maximize uptime – controlling the impact of planned and unplanned maintenance
  • Cost containment – delivering data driven solutions to support fleet efficiency
  • Customer experience – measuring satisfaction throughout the customer journey
  • Lessons learned and the ideal state


Stephen Powell, Laboratory Capital Equipment Lead, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Kelly Edge Krupa, Lab Asset Service Manager, Integrated Laboratory Strategy & Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb


12:05 pm The New Way - Holistic Laboratory Operations

• How PerkinElmer has a complete approach across the entire lab
• Data analytics-driven maintenance strategies
• Professional Services from Scientific Services to Lab IT

Jim Sweeney, Sr. Product Manager, Technology Svc, Perkin Elmer


12:20 pm Out of Industry Insight: Implementing Lab Asset Management Program in a University Setting, & the Challenges with Inheriting a with a Decentralized Lab Structure

  • Change management and shifting a culture of individual responsibility to shared support
  • Organizing information and data to make informed decisions
  • Getting started and offering subsidizes support services
  • Leveraging the right vendors for the right job


Adam Schnirel, Associate Director Operations, UCSF


12:40 pm Live Q&A




11:30 am Integrated Facility Management & Polishing Your Servicing

John Rey, Senior Vice President, Able Service

11:45 pm Space Planning & Facility Optimization; The Challenge of Prediction

  • Implementing collaborative open space and densifying occupancy based upon a flexible working model
  • Allocating space per scientist based upon user requirements/ type of work
  • Design considerations for Foundation Medicine’s 2023 HQ; allowing design flexibility for changes in airflow/cleanrooms etc

Marie Pisello, Senior Manager, Space & Workplace, Foundation Medicine

12:10 pm Reducing Facility Footprint to Enhance Capital Efficiency, Re-Invest in Drug Development Programs and Lower Cost to Patient (Virtual Presentation)

  • Rethinking lab footprint planning and effectiveness by assessing the scientists ‘true needs’ in the design of R&D and Immunotherapy lab facilities
  • Workflow models and engagement of key stakeholders in the modern view of usage
  • Encouraging shared assets and flexibility in “lab of the future” design considerations


Jennifer Keller, Director, Strategy & Planning, Johnson & Johnson

12:30 pm Live Q&A




1:00 pm Networking Lunch

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

2:00 pm Panel Discussion: The Impacts of Covid-19 & Contingency Planning – Past, Present & Future

  • Demet Aybar Associate Director of Lab Operations, Scholar Rock
  • Mark Narcy Senior Facilities & Operations Manager, Crinetics
  • Jedd Skibo Director Global Category Procurement, Charles River Labs


  • How has the Covid-19 crisis impacted your work processes from fixing equipment via OEM’s virtual tutorials, highlighting inventory inaccuracies to “de-densifying” lab space
  • What approaches and plans have been put in place to better prepare for future challenges of a similar nature
  • How has the pandemic affected relationships with supplier and services and how to safe guard against this moving forward

2:30 pm Contingency Planning Post Covid-19


  • Reflection on impact of covid-19 to lab operations to key considerations moving forward
  • Adaptations to accommodate reduced persons on site and remote working
  • Remote maintenance solutions: how will this affect future service

2:50 pm Live Q&A

3:15 pm Closing Remarks

3:30 pm End of Summit