Bonus Content

Learn, Apply, Advance

When you attend the LAFM Summit, you will also have access to the following Bonus Content available to view at any time throughout the conference!

In these problem solving seminars, hear exclusive case studies, work to overcome industry challenges and deepen your practical knowledge.

Lab Design to Optimize Workflow, Increase Efficiency & Implement Social Distancing

2 Hours

Using case studies and scenario-based exercises learn to envision the endproduct; how scientists will move around the space, how maintenance will be carried out and how to optimize your space to suit.

Using these same principles,we will discuss how to adapt these designs and considerations to assist with social distancing, minimizing unnecessary touch points and cross contamination. By the end of this workshop you will be able to design your space for optimum workflow, have clear plans in place to adapt your lab to social distancing guidelines and carried out your own ‘5S’ lab planning.

Led by:

Mark Narcy Crinetics

Mark Narcy
Senior Facilities & Operations Manager

Why Cloud? Key Considerations in the Move towards ‘Paperless Labs’

2 Hours + Worksheet

Discover how a cloud-based LIMS can increase efficiency in your lab and support global company growth, giving real time access to data worldwide and revolutionize regulatory filings.

In the session we will delve into real-world examples and assess the importance of building a business case for stakeholder buy-in and effectively communicating a ROI.
Discuss an analysis of the scientist’s lab workflow to ensure the system implementation is user friendly, realizes true productivity improvements, and streamlines regulatory compliance. We will also discuss how existing system can be better utilized for maximum efficiency and compliance.

Feeling hesitant? We will also dispel archaic cloud-based myths; discovering how global security will protect your IP and make data more secure and accessible to you than ever before.

Led By:

Sussan Belzer Low res

Susan Belzer
Strategic Laboratory Director