Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday, November 28

Lab Managers Training Course

Lab Managers Training Course

Looking to upskill yourself or your team as a developing lab manager?
Join our Lab Managers Training Course to gain the soft and hard skills required to be a high impact lab leader.

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08.00 - 10.00 Internal & External Stakeholders Management To Increase Collaboration & Operational Excellence of Your Labs

Murray Nguyen, Senior Lab Operations Manager, Bolt Biotherapeutics

Shea Bernard, Facilities Project Manager, Bolt Biotherapeutics

10.30 - 12.30 Learning the Ins & Outs of Lab Safety To Prevent Harm to Personnel in the Lab & Promote End-Research Goals

Michal Avidan-Gartzman, Vice President Operations, Emendo Biotherapeutics

Jason Nagy, Clinical Lab Safety Support Coordinator, Sentara Healthcare

Dan Scungio, Lab Safety Officer, Sentara Healthcare

1.30 - 3.30 Future-Proofing Your Labs: Adopting a Practical Risk Management & Mitigation Approach from a Lab & Facilities Operations Perspective

Taylor Phillips, Associate Director, Lab Operations,Interius BioTherapeutics

Facility Build Out Bootcamp
Sustainability & ESG Focus Day

3:30 pm
Career Evening & Networking

4:00 pm Promoting Diversity When Hiring to Support the Early Lab Operations Community


• Identifying what the industry needs are for lab operations from the start of their career

• Weighing up workforce demands vs supply to better understand industry requirements

• Strengthening the talent pipeline: industry exploration to enhance growth

4:30 pm Panel Discussion: Clarifying What the Career Ladder May Look Like to Promote Growth within the Lab Operations Role – a Mentor’s Perspective

  • Angela Hui Vice President, Operations, Elektrofi
  • Erika Whyte Senior Director, Facilities , ROME Therapeutics


• Defining the career ladder to bring clarity to your job role

• Understanding the range of duties that may be expected in a lab operations role to equip yourself with the skills necessary

• Building confidence in yourself and your career to excel in your role

5.00 Mentorship Networking

Grab this opportunity to gain knowledge from experts in the lab operations industry on how to develop your skills, boost your confidence, exceed your managers’ expectations, and climb your way up the career ladder.
Ask questions, engage in conversation, and learn from the best!

5:00 Careers Corner

Discussing the career trajectory: exploring defined roles within the lab ops
umbrella, what the line of work looks like and resume pointers to gain inspiration
from like-minded peers!

Taylor Phillips - Associate Director, Lab Operations - Interius BioTherapeutics