Conference Day One

7:00 am Registration & Morning Refreshments

7:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Kim Dougherty Director, Laboratory Operations, Atalanta Therapeutics

Connected Teams for High Impact Lab Innovation

8:00 am Breaking Down Silos to Unlock the Value of Cross-Functional Collaboration

8:20 am End-to-End Asset Management for Maximal Organizational Benefit:

8:50 am Leveraging Pharma 4.0 in Procurement to Provide Acceleration for Drug Discovery

  • Mark Burfoot Global Head of Research Procurement, Novartis AG

9:10 am Implementing a Digital Lab Management Strategy for Lab Efficiency & Alignment

9:40 am High Impact Lab Innovation Q&A

9:50 am Speed Networking & Morning Coffee Break

Discover the data driven, futuristic answers to next generation, highly scalable, asset management across the full asset lifecycle

The Next Frontier in Maintenance & Utilization

10:50 am Discover: Review of the Global LIS Strategy

11:20 am What’s Your Sustainable Surplus Strategy?

11:50 am Discuss: What’s the Next Frontier in Asset Management?

  • Ted Schilling Global Director of Engineering Services, Seagen
  • Mike Berke Director - Research & Automation Technologies, Amgen Inc.
  • Richard Snell Scientific Services Director, GSK

12:35 pm Apply: With Unlimited Resources, What Technologies Would You Implement to Maximize Your Capital Budget?

This track will highlight the latest innovative facility designs, space planning answers and facility management solutions for an optimally efficient lab

Facility Design to Support Future Pharma Pipelines

10:50 am Discover: Vision for Strategic Space Planning

11:20 am Discover: High Performance Laboratory Facilities:

11:50 am Discuss: How Can We Continue to Evolve R&D Facility Design to Support the Future of Pharma Pipelines & Workforce?

  • Marloes Miller Associate Director, R&D Lab Operations, AstraZeneca
  • Sumita Roy Director - Internal Operations, SOTIO
  • Charles Bruseo Director, Research Strategy & Operations, Bristol Myers Squibb

12:20 pm Session reserved for Zef Sci

  • ZefSci Senior Representative, ZefSci

12:35 pm Apply: Engaging End Users & Stakeholders in New Facility Designs

Small but mighty – this track will explore the high impact, immediately implementable solutions to step up your LAFM practices in small – medium sized organizations

Sustainable Growth in Fast Paced Biotech

10:50 am Discover: Operations as a Core Function in New Biotech Start-Up:

  • Rhianna Cohen Associate Director of Lab Operations, Pyxis Oncology

11:20 am Discover: Regaining Visibility Though a Holistic Asset Management Program

11:50 am Discuss: How to Balance Risk & Cost When Planning for Company Growth Stages & Managing the Many Roles of Early-Stage Biotech Operations

12:35 pm Apply: Change Management; How to Engage Scientist in Smarter Buys or Safety Compliance?

1:05 pm Networking Lunch Break

Leveraging Data Better in Asset Management

2:00 pm Discover: The Application of IoT & Equipment Monitoring

2:30 pm Data-Driven Usage Insights Drive Lab Optimization

2:45 pm Apply: Mastermind Session on Big Data Management in Asset Programs

M&A Impact on Facility Design

2:00 pm Discover: Foresight is 20/20: Facility Design Challenges in an Acquisition Related Relocation of Laboratory Spaces

2:30 pm Leveraging Effective Asset Management to Advance Lab Operations

  • David Heiger Associate Vice President - Marketing, Agilent Technologies

3:00 pm Apply: Facility Design Post M&A To Integrate Science & Cultures

  • Charles Bruseo Director, Research Strategy & Operations, Bristol Myers Squibb

Managing the Many ‘Hats’ of Biotech Lab Ops

2:00 pm Discover: Project Managing the Consolidation of Three Locations into One New Head Quarters

2:30 pm Apply: Roundtable Discussion on When to ‘Share the Hats’ & Hire Functional Heads (e.g. EHS, IT, Security, Real Estate)

  • Kim Dougherty Director, Laboratory Operations, Atalanta Therapeutics

3:00 pm Session Reserved for Boston Lab Services

3:10 pm Technology Slam: Quick Fire Dragon’s Den Style’ Pitches for Flexible Solution Providers Looking to Partner & Grow with Small & Expanding Biotech

3:30 pm Afternoon Refreshment Break

Maximizing Lab Efficiency through Automation

4:35 pm Next-Level Calibration in the Cloud

5:05 pm Bridging the Gap Between Data Producer and Data Consumer

5:25 pm Equipment Asset Management: Theory vs. Actual & Inventory & Cyber-security for Laboratory and Life Science Devices

5:55 pm Automation & Lab Efficiency Q&A

6:05 pm Closing Remarks Day One

  • Kim Dougherty Director, Laboratory Operations, Atalanta Therapeutics

6:10 pm Drinks Reception